Trouba might betrouble So Trouba is asking to be traded from Winnipeg

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Trouba might betrouble
So Trouba is asking to be traded from Winnipeg

. That begs the question: Could the Senators trade for Trouba? Now let's put all the facts in first.The top four of Dmen for the Sens is the most solid we have had in a long while. A top-two young defenseman is rarely traded. So the Sens have to at least make a token offer possible offer could get Winnipeg to trade to Ottawa? We have to trade a defenseman because of our present concussion problem Ray Emery Flag.Finally Artem Anisimov Face Mask, we have to think of Las Vegas. If we protect 3 defensemen, most probable are Karlsson, Phaneuf (we have to) and Ceci. Add Trouba and we might be in a position to expose Ceci and Methot Drake Batherson T-Shirt. Good news we can only lose one of the two.So If we offer Phaneuf (god I hope) and they accept, then I would play Trouba with Karlsson and put Methot with Ceci. Only Methot gets exposed to LV.If we have to offer Methot, then Trouba takes his place and we probably expose Ceci to LV. Ouch, but it would be an upgrade, in my opinion.We could offer Ceci and expose Methot for Las Vegas. The question then is would Trouba would play with Karlsson or Phaneuf? What would a Phaneuf-Methot duo look like? I feel like all organizations must be talking to Winnipeg right now and looking to see what they would like. Ottawa has to at least kick the tires and apart from Phaneuf, I don't think Methot or Ceci gets us laughed out of the phone call.I don't know Trouba that well. I get the impression that he would be an upgrade to either Methot or Ceci. So ideally we should be trying to replace either of them with Trouba. The real question is how much of an addition would we have to offer? If Winnipeg starts asking for a 1st round pick, Logan Brown, Colin White or Chapot, then the addition is too high. Most other players in the 4th line or prospect system would be fair game. What does the SilverSens Nation think? Please comment on these scenarios or something else, I might have missed.PollAs a principal piece, which defense men would you prefer to lose? Phaneuf is excluded.31%Cody Ceci (21 votes)43%Mark Methot (29 votes)25%Neither Trouba is Trouble (17 votes)67 votes total