Little one, take your son and marry me.

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Little one, take your son and marry me.Little one, take your son and marry me.Little one, take your son and marry me.

Shen Mingfeng's eyes twitched and looked coldly at the beautiful woman close to him, with a white oval face, big eyes, straight nose, plump red lips, and a first-class figure, especially the waves under the small black coat, which was really not generally big. This type of woman is beautiful, but beautiful without characteristics, at least for Shen Mingfeng. Shen Mingfeng for the arrival of this woman, Qingjun's face emerged a trace of displeasure: "If I remember correctly, a few days ago, I saw you when I was drinking with my friends." What he really means is: I don't know you well. But the woman didn't seem to understand. She said with a smile, "Master Shen has a good memory. I've been calling you these days. But you're so busy that you don't have time to have dinner with me. I have to come by myself. I hope I didn't disturb you." Shen Mingfeng was not in the mood to appreciate her amorous feelings. His face was expressionless, and there were no waves in his long and narrow eyes. He directly said, "I'm sorry. In fact, you have disturbed me." Shen Mingfeng's stomach is on fire, he doesn't like to be disturbed during working hours, and he's a friend of a friend who only met once in a bar. I don't know if I drank too much at that time before I gave my mobile phone number to someone. The smile on the woman's face was obviously stiff, but she recovered immediately and did not care about him, but she leaned closer and bent her upper body slightly, making the gully more obvious. "Master Shen is really a busy man. I heard that your family's business is very big, but you don't rely on the shade of your family, but come out to work by yourself. It's really rare. Now there are too few rich second generation like you who don't rely on their parents." The woman wanted to praise Shen Mingfeng, but unexpectedly she outsmarted herself. Shen Mingfeng completely ignored her snow-white ditch, a fierce eyes swept past: "You know a lot, I have been investigated." The woman felt a cold wind coming to her face and suddenly felt that she had said too much. She quickly explained,Porcelain Marble Slabs, "It's not a survey. It's just that we had a good chat in the bar that day. I have a good impression of you, so I know something about you from my friends." Let oneself be given. Shen Mingfeng was about to speak, Lu Zheng came in, holding a cup of coffee in his hand, unsmiling, so that Shen Mingfeng looked very uncomfortable, the heart moved, his face raised a bad smile. The next second, like a whirlwind,Calacatta Nano Glass, he took the woman beside him to his bosom. "Ah.." Master Shen, you are so bad! Woman's voice with surprise, homeopathy sitting on Shen Mingfeng's thigh, secretly happy in the heart, his trip finally did not come in vain, men, there are a few do not like the feeling of beauty. Lu Zheng handed the coffee hand trembled slightly, instantly as uncomfortable as being pricked by a needle, on the surface or quietly, but her eyes betrayed her. Inadvertently a frown, beautiful eyes that a touch of pain, not a fool can see. Lu Zheng put the coffee on the table and left, without saying a word, she felt that if she did not go, she would have a long needle eye! She was already subconsciously imagining what would happen to the two people inside. Lonely men and widows.. Shen Mingfeng, that bastard, dare to date a woman in the office, like what words! Hateful! Shameless! Vulgar! Dirty! Lu Zheng just went out, Shen Mingfeng pushed away the woman on the leg, Agate Slabs For Sale ,grey marble slab, the speed was so fast that the woman was ashamed and indignant, at least she was the daughter of a rich family, why did Shen Mingfeng treat her like this! There is a limit to the endurance of a spoiled temper! "Hey, Shen Mingfeng, what do you mean?" Women feel so embarrassed that they have never been so frustrated in front of men! Shen Mingfeng was irritable for no reason, her mind was full of Lu Zheng's indifferent appearance just now, and she didn't care that even if she hugged other women in front of her, she didn't care that she had always thought too much about herself. "This young lady, it seems that I need to say, in fact, I can not even remember your name, that day in the bar, is called by my friend, and you are a friend of a friend, I just give face to drink and chat with you, in addition, I do not think there is any intersection between us, if I leave you a phone number that day, let you misunderstand that I want to have All I can say is Sorry, I didn't mean that at all. Shen Mingfeng looked at this woman, completely no appetite, horizontal and vertical look can not arouse his interest, the reason, no solution. The woman's face was red and white with anger, and the daughter's temper came out, and she raised her voice: "You.." Shen Mingfeng, why did you hug me just now? Shen Mingfeng just hugged her, just suddenly want to see Lu Zheng's reaction, now think of their own is really naive, not only did not test out what they want, but because of her cold and disappointed. Don't take it to heart. An indifferent to the extreme words let a woman angry knot, handsome man left her phone, but not want to have further development with her, she also took the initiative to come to the door, really. I've lost my face! "Shen Mingfeng, you are really not a thing!" The woman felt that she had lost face, where there was still a face left, and poured coffee on Shen Mingfeng's white shirt, and then slammed the door. Shen Mingfeng's face was blacker than carbon, and his fists clenched so loudly that he really wanted to rush out and teach the woman a lesson, but then he thought, how could he hit a woman? Besides, he really used her a little just now, just as the price of that hug. First update a chapter of 3000 words, today will be more than ten thousand. Where is the man in the end? Since he didn't go to Bali, where will he appear. 206, Chapter 206 of the main text Hey, here comes your concubine. The update is over! Chapter 206 Hey, here comes your concubine. Chapter 206 Hey, here comes your concubine. Chapter 207 is a fool of love. Chapter 207 is a fool of love. Chapter 207 is a fool of love. 207, Chapter 207 of the main text is a fool of love. The whole space is chaotic, unable to tell where is the sky, where is the earth, only the same color of gray. Mian Mian looked around in panic, not knowing where he was, it was so empty, there was nothing, the air was thin,Stone Honeycomb Panel, there was no one, no sound, no sign of life. Have you reached the boundary of the universe.