Greening trees

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Everyone ate dumplings and talked happily about what to do first when they got home.

Everyone ate dumplings and talked happily about what to do first when they got home. The biggest wish of the "sales director" is to "have a good meal of mutton and noodles"; the old accountant calculates that he will return to Shanghai on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, which is the time to eat yuanxiao, which is called "dumpling" in Shanghai; the editor of the newspaper office lives in Lanzhou, and his relatives have contacted him for a job in a street factory, and now he is happily introducing us to the flavor of Lanzhou snacks.. " I doubly long for folks at home on each feast day. I couldn't go home-I was homeless, and I couldn't go to see my mother. From the provincial capital to Beijing, a hard seat ticket on the slow train costs more than 20 yuan. But I haven't returned the money for the cotton blanket for the velvet trousers to Ma Yinghua, and now she's making shoes for me. Although I know that even if I have money to return her, she will not want, but because of this, I am faced with a choice: our relationship, what direction to develop? The idea of marrying Ma Yinghua and setting up a small family in the countryside once tempted me so strongly that it once seemed to me an unreachable goal. But now, in the face of the gap I am soberly aware of, I have retreated. Of course, I still go to her house every day and almost regard it as my home. Elsher and I already know each other very well. Instead of telling fairy tales that only adults can understand, I teased her for a while when I was tired of reading Das Kapital. During the day, she played in the cold wind, yellow sand, ice and snow,aluminium coated tubes, and her nutrition was better than that of ordinary children, so she looked like a boy, but she did not have the reckless naughtiness of a boy, and she kept the quiet nature of a girl. She likes me to pull down the "borscht hat" and show a pair of eyes to frighten her. In this way, she could not stop giggling. However, Ma Ying Hua, as always, has never explicitly expressed her intention to marry me or anyone else. Later,side impact door beams, Ershe laughed and called me "doll" again, and she scolded Ershe as she did last time, telling her to call me "Dad". I noticed that there was no meaningful expression on her face, but there was still her characteristic, cheerful, feigned anger smile. Is she consciously flirting in subtle ways? Or is it following some kind of vulgar local custom? Or is it in her nature to love free birds? I don't know. Sometimes her feelings for me confuse me. In the middle of the night, when I wake up from my sleep, her relationship with me is often what I think about. When I realized that I had become a normal person and had begun to "surpass myself", I could no longer continue to live as a pitied and benefactress. I can live in this shabby mud hut, I can sleep on this pile of hay, I can patiently listen to the old accountant grinding his teeth.. I think I can live with that. Because once I "connect with human wisdom" and get "epiphany" from Marx's book, I seem to have bred a new life in my life. This life is tenacious to pursue a wish. The desire is not very clear, because no one, precision welded tubes ,beam impact tubes, including Marx, has described the Communist society in a very detailed way. This desire is only the desire to pursue glory, the desire to pursue a full life and even to suffer greater suffering. But I could not bear to live under her grace, and I began to feel that it was my shame, and I even vaguely felt that her charity had defiled my asceticism for a glorious wish. So it came to this: either to break off my association with her, or to unite as husband and wife. But can I take her as my wife? Do I love her or not? In the silence of the night, I calmly analyzed my feelings, in that gentle, floating like a dream of tenderness, the original is just a kind of gratitude, a feeling of gratitude. My love for her, in fact, is just a reflection of the love stories I read in the past, or the descriptions of love in works of art. I felt that she was completely unaccustomed to my way of expressing love, and I thought that she could not understand my love, could not understand me. It is impossible to bridge the gap between her and me in cultural literacy. In a word, though I felt uneasy in my heart, I still felt that she and I were not suitable for each other! However, after eating the dumplings, I went to Ma Yinghua's house. The sky darkened. Snowflakes are more dense than in the afternoon. In the gray sky, the gray fields and the gray villages, white and shining snowflakes are flying everywhere. Snowflakes are not like raindrops, they do not fall straight down, but like insects, flying up and down, left and right, which makes me more upset. Her door was wide open. She stood in the doorway, wearing a kerchief, as if about to go out, and Ersher, also heavily dressed, stood waiting for her with a piece of cake in his hand. When she saw me, she smiled and gave way to the door, motioning me to go in. When I entered the door, I saw a big plate of raw dumplings on the earthen platform, which could not be eaten by the three of us! I know that plate. It's always on the chopping board in our kitchen. I had a lot of worries in my heart, and now I have added a trace of anger that I don't know who it is. "Where did this dumpling come from?" I asked sullenly. "Where are you from?"? It was given by others. She answered carelessly, hurriedly tying her kerchief. Who? Who gave it to you? I sat down on the adobe stool and pushed the plate of dumplings far away with one hand. Who? Whoever loves me will give it to me. Her eyes squint at me from beneath her headband, her nose fluttering, and she laughs nonchalantly. Fine I smiled coldly. "I won't eat it!" As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I felt my anger was ridiculous. How can I interfere with her lifestyle? Who am I to her? It's nothing! At the same time, my heart is also secretly said: "Finished!"! We can only go so far! All right, all right! No, no,Cold Drawn Tubes, let's feed it to the dog! She grinned in a coaxing tone. It was as if there had never been anything serious or serious in her mind. On many occasions, my worries, scruples and hesitations were released in front of her giggling manner. There's nothing I can do about her.