Death tears Death tears

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Bloody I really fell in love with you ~ Xia Xue narrowed her eyes and smiled and smiled, and then immediately

Bloody I really fell in love with you ~ Xia Xue narrowed her eyes and smiled and smiled, and then immediately clicked private chat, and began to share the joy with others. ※※※※※※ 4 pm.. [Gang] WHO is afraid of WHO: Ah, ah, ah, I am so angry that those kids of Qi dare to steal bricks from us! [Guild] Sunny Doll: a lot of people were killed at the border, too. I can't kill a few high-level people. [Guild] Master of Cat and Dog: Come on, let's go to the Imperial Ancestral Temple in the State of Qi and gather at the border! [Guild] Naked Cupid: Cat, count me in. I'll be right there. …… [Gang] Sunny Doll: Is the boss leading the team? [Gang] Cat and Dog's Owner: Khan, who knows where the boss is? …… [Gang] I'm a shemale! Shemale: Silence, you die for me! [Guild] Sunny Doll: Lonely … … Silence. [Guild] Naked Ass Cupid: Chicken Chicken.. [Guild] Silence:.. [Guild] Silence: I just saw him running to the neutral zone. [Gang] Naked Ass Cupid: That's just right! You send a private message to the boss and ask him to come and lead the team! [Gang] Sunny Doll: Su, Su.. [Guild] Silence: But … The eldest brother was followed by his sister-in-law. There was a silence on the gang channel. [Guild] The owner of a cat and a dog: Cough, it's not easy for the eldest brother. It's a world of two people. Cough, sign up, sign up, come fast. …… [Guild] Master of Cat and Dog: Silence, you lead the team [Guild] Silence: No, I'm making furniture in Taoyuan. I cut people so much that my hands almost cramp. Let the blood lead the team. [Guild] Sunny Doll: Well,deep draw stamping, well, Bloody Sister leads O (∩ _ ∩) O Occasional ventilation is normal (repaired) Xia Xue felt very depressed. Xia Xue felt very depressed. Xia Xue feels extremely depressed!!! This day is the weekend, and the activity of the journey is "very men and women". This task is like this: The male role and the cowherd dialogue choose "sign up very men and women", after signing up, get the speed dating number; Female characters and Zhinu dialogue choose "sign up for extraordinary men and women", after signing up, they will get Qianli voice props (directly used for private chat with male characters with the same speed dating number),titanium machining parts, and male and female characters with the same speed dating number and Qianli voice will team up to the King City NPC "extraordinary men and women" to choose extraordinary male and female tasks, which will start the first test of tacit understanding. When Xia Xue arrived at Zhinu's side, she saw a sea of people. There was chaos on the national channel, full of: "66666666666666666666666666666666666, look for the MM of number 6, speed degree degree degree" "3737373737373737373737373 7, 37 ah 37" "91, 91MM don't hide, GG I've been waiting for a long time." Xia Xue wiped her sweat, ordered Zhinu, and took a look at Qianli Chuanyin, numbered 44. The summer snow wipes the sweat again, metal stamping parts ,Stainless steel foundry, the right key opens, sends the information: "Hello, I am 44." A dialog box pops up immediately: "Siwuxie invites you to join the team in normal mode, would you like to?" Xia Xue immediately shivered. Trembling, he pressed a yes. [Player] Siwuxie: [20:32] Come here. Xia Xue looked at the green dots on the small map, twitched the corners of her mouth, followed, and ran to the very men and women. There are three tacit answers, and men and women have to choose the same answer before they can enter the next link. It's not that Xia Xue hasn't participated in this activity. Generally, the two sides make an appointment in advance to choose what answer to answer, for example, to choose the longest one. Xia Xue waited for the great God to say a word, did not expect that the guy directly ordered the answer. Choose what? Choose what? Xia Xue wanted to cry without tears, but according to the official announcement, she chose the longest one, and Xia Xue ordered the longest one. Then, on the screen, one side hits the other side with a hammer. Very good, the answer failed! [Light] Siwuxie: Well, there is no tacit understanding. Then someone turns around and walks away. Xia Xue clenched her teeth and smashed the table desperately at home, ah, ah, she was so angry!!! What's wrong with this guy?! Sure enough, it's 44. I'm so angry. Xia Xue immediately ordered a private chat and cried to the color of blood: "55555555555555555555.." o(_)o …… Master, I've been bullied. [Player] Bloody Fireworks: [20:40] Who?! Who dares to bully you? Have you written down your name? Master will help you cut down his whole family!!! Xia Xue touched her head. She was really in a cold sweat. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "Master.." That man is the master, the master, the master. There was silence for a while, and then listen to the blood said: "How did that guy bully you?"? Molested you? Don't cry, master will beat you all the same!!! Xia Xue flattened her mouth and said the same thing about the task just now. Master, look, look! The gang leader is obviously fooling people! Any fool knows to choose the longest answer! He chose the wrong 555555. I'm so embarrassed. Master, 55555. After a while, I saw a sentence coming out faintly over there: "Little Tears, are you sure that guy really went to the very men and women?"? Are you really sure?! Can you still be wrong. Xia Xue twitched and sent a question mark doubtfully. [Player] Bloody Fireworks: [20:55] That guy was never interested in this kind of activity.. I didn't expect.. So it's possible that Siwuxie is the first time to participate in the "very men and women" activities? Xia Xue felt cold sweat for a while. [Player] Bloody Fireworks: [20:57] Hey, you have to smile … … Tears ~ Shifu help you teach him a lesson! See blood color say only: "No matter that fellow is in what heart, dare to delay small tear you, always want to pay a price! Always want to pay a price!" Then I saw the blood brush directly into the world. [World] Bloody Fireworks: Think of innocence, you bastard plus three levels, dare to bully my apprentice?!! Come to the arena and die!!! This time, it's a turmoil on the world channel. Xia Xue, on the other hand,die casting parts, was once again magnificently embarrassed. ※※※※※※ Well, God has a fit once in a while. It's not strange, it's not strange..