Laugh for a Thousand Years (Revised Version of Millennium Tears)

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When I woke up in the morning, my body seemed to fall apart. I haven't practiced yoga for a long time, and I can't keep up with my physical strength.

When I woke up in the morning, my body seemed to fall apart. I haven't practiced yoga for a long time, and I can't keep up with my physical strength. Fortunately, I was not the one who rushed to the morning court. I curled up lazily in bed. Where do we stay the longest in our lives? Answer: On the bed. The bed in winter is the warmest and happiest in the world. I greedily smell the fragrance of cotton. There is still his smell in the bed, which makes me lazy. I just want to indulge in it and don't want to get up. The weather should be fine today. I can see the mottled shadows of the trees on the window paper. It's a beautiful sunny day. The palace was silent, except for the sound of the air, which seemed to freeze in the cold winter. I closed my eyes and carefully enjoyed the subtle and serene silence. Then I don't know why I was sleepy again and went to sleep. Awakened by the coldness of his cheeks. I rolled over impatiently and buried my head in the quilt to pretend to be an ostrich. As a result, the culprit was unrelenting and followed in with his hands. I couldn't bear it any more, so I had to pull down the quilt, yawn and squint at Chutian. It's time to get up. If you don't eat breakfast, don't skip lunch. The palace is not short of your rations. He grinned like a child. "Get up, the sun is already high.". Get up quickly. I am really no match for his importunate, and I can't use the same standard to force others even if I have good energy. I sit up reluctantly, close my eyes, and let the maid help me dress, wash and dress. I don't want to eat. I just want to sleep. Chu Tianyi pinched two pieces of plum cake and sent them to my mouth to fill my stomach. Plum cake slowly melted in my mouth,Manual Flush Valve, the sweet and soft smell gradually occupied the whole taste bud, and a strange feeling slowly and clearly grew and spread in my heart. I wanted to taste it again, but he deliberately teased me and deliberately drew back his hand. Undaunted, I persistently ran after him and took his finger into my mouth. Chutian descendants trembled gently and tried to shake off their hands, but they were restrained by my teeth and had to stay awkwardly. Sipping the plum cake scattered into crumbs, and finally licking my fingers in my mouth,push button toilet flush valve, it is rare for the pastry maker to be so skilled. I deliberately half squint, with the corner of my eye secretly looking at the face of Chutian descendants, what a rare experience, he would actually face uncomfortable. There was also a suspicious blush in his ears. See if you dare to disturb my sleep again. The palace maid had already removed all the things, but Chutian was still a little embarrassed. She coughed twice and said she wanted to give me a surprise. She dragged me out of my palace. It was a rare sunny day, and the sunshine of the winter afternoon caressed my face softly. I'm a little sleepy again, and I want to go back to sleep. Chutian descendants coaxed and persuaded me, and finally managed to take me to the Hall of Heaven and Earth. In the future, anyone who says to give me a surprise should be on guard. It's always a surprise! I was so frightened that I ran to the back of the screen and turned over a stool halfway. $^ % $% , the damn water is so thin, what are you doing here?! I rubbed my knee behind the screen and wanted to take him apart. This loser, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Self-closing Faucet, don't you think he's caused me enough trouble? Chutian descendants were puzzled by my overreaction, and it was hard to say anything in front of outsiders, so they had to let me fool around. To say that the water is rare is not completely without redeeming features, at least his family style is still the same, although he was frightened by the loud noise of the stool, but he always knelt respectfully according to etiquette, and did not raise his eyes from beginning to end. I patted my chest with a rapid heartbeat, and the water was so thin that you were a shameless person who wanted to climb up. At the beginning, you forced your sister to jump into the fire pit with your father as a threat. Now that she was developed, you followed her to the palace to show her the bullshit drama of brother-sister love. You give this girl to remember, have this girl in one day, don't expect to have your day. The more I looked at him, the more angry my teeth itched. If he hadn't been obsessed at the beginning and pushed me and Shui Rouqing to the point of helplessness, then there wouldn't have been so many incidents later. If you stay in Los Angeles and behave yourself honestly, I won't have extra time to make trouble for you, but if you bring trouble to me now, don't blame me for not being kind enough. I looked nervously at the descendants of Chu Tian, must not let the water to rare this guy exposed my identity as a fake, this matter is not a few words can be said clearly, maybe it is an uproar. The water is thin. Long time no see. How are you doing in Los Angeles. When Old Master Shui resigned and retired, we said goodbye in a hurry in the south study. It's been several years since then. The descendants of Chutian had restored the majesty of the Son of Heaven and made an amiable gesture to exchange feelings with his brother-in-law. "It has been more than three years." "Yes, in a flash, three years have passed. Can Old Shui Taifu be well?" Chu Tianyi seemed to have some feelings, but suddenly he said with great interest, "I remember that when I was a child, I studied poetry with Shui Lao Taifu, and you also read with our brothers. My father praised you for your father's strength of character.". You're not a stranger in the palace. Speaking of which, you are still my uncle today. Come on, give me a seat. I listened in the back disapprovingly, the old emperor's vision is too bad, water to rare to really have the strength of water Taifu, why should I copy other people's works. The water was so thin that he only sat in half a chair and simply answered the emperor's inquiry. Compared with the past, he seemed to be much more decadent, his eyes, which had no spirit, were covered with a thick layer of dust,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, and his whole body was full of vigor and vitality. I have also read your examination paper. It is beautiful in diction and unique in viewpoint. It is worthy of being the successor of Shuilao Taifu. Sure enough, it has the spirit of'blue is better than blue '. "Your Majesty is flattered.". Grass people are ignorant and dare not compare with their father. The grass people have an unkind request. I am frightened to hear it, and you must not mention which pot. Who wants to see you when you're not Ladd? Where's Pete? Who likes to see you? What is the unkind request? Do you want to go to the palace to see the imperial concubine? How can this be an ungrateful request? My imperial concubine is your sister. The kinship of the flesh and blood is the common sense of family. 。