Go to Jianghu to play soy sauce

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Xiaoman only felt the palm touching the hot skin. : She was in a hurry to draw back her hand. How could she draw back.

Xiaoman only felt the palm touching the hot skin. : She was in a hurry to draw back her hand. How could she draw back. His strength is dozens of times greater than hers. The jaw is pinched again. Slightly down, facing the ferocious face of the unicorn. Strange. The Kirin was clearly an auspicious beast, but this one on his body was very fierce, with its mouth open as if it was going to eat people. Be just like him! She struggled angrily, but instead she fell on the bed, fell hard into his arms, and hit his face on his chest. Without waiting for her to get up, he gently hugged her. Don't be angry. "I don't mean to offend you," he said softly. Isn't that offensive? For the first time, Xiaoman realized the disparity of strength, and she had no way at all. "You have offended," she said bitterly. Ze Xiu laughed, pushed aside the messy hair on her forehead and whispered, "It's not offensive, it's uncontrollable." Xiaoman stopped talking. She hung her head, as if her heart had not yet calmed down. The room was too quiet, and she was afraid that her heartbeat would be too loud to be heard. Such a thing is wrong, lonely men and women, the dead of night, if her mother is still alive, this would have taken a feather duster to beat her half to death. She has no way, deeply in love with a person is so, more beautiful than any gold,non standard fasteners, silver and jewelry. The beauty she had kept at a distance before was now blooming in front of her eyes. She stubbornly refused to leave, even with a taste of despair. Something too beautiful brings not only happiness, but also sadness, for fear that it will pass away. She said in a low voice, "Have you recovered from the wound on your back?"? Let me.. Have a look Ze Xiu turned around and turned his broad back to her. Sure enough, there were many scars on it, some of which had just healed. More than that, he has a lot of old scars on his body, which is shocking. Xiaoman stretched out his hand and touched it gently: "You must have often fought with people before.". Don't work hard next time. What if you die? Ze Xiu turned to look at her dumbfounding: "What is this?"? Is that what you said? Still at a loss,car radiator cap, Xiaoman looked up and said, "What should I say?" There was a hint of flirtatious red on her face, her lips were wet, and her eyes were eerily bright like hidden stars. A lock of black hair slid down her cheek and clung to her chin. He could not help twirling it for her, stroking her plump lower lip with his thumb, rubbing it carefully, slowly reaching in, pushing aside the teeth and pressing her tongue. You should say.. He gently kneaded the soft and moist tongue, looked at her blurred eyes, as if he was going to be drunk, hugged her around the waist, said a few words in his ear, and then bowed his head to kiss her. His beard could not be shaved cleanly, and it was itchy and painful to wipe it on his face and neck. Xiaoman's hand was soft on his shoulder, and he hugged his neck. As if he knew she was ticklish, he deliberately wiped his chin twice on her neck. Xiaoman laughed to hide, deep draw stamping ,alloy die casting, but he gently pushed aside her loose collar and bit her collarbone heavily. Xiaoman almost jumped up and grabbed the collar in a hurry, but he had already got up and put on his clothes and said, "I'm leaving.." See you tomorrow With such a simple sentence, he said nothing more, waved his hand and turned away. The last bit of light in the room was taken away by him, and Xiaoman lay alone in the dark, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. This may be a dream, may also be her imagination, she did not dare to sleep, afraid to wake up the dream. There was a slight numbness and pain in her collarbone. Trembling, she got up, lit a candle, and jumped in front of the bronze mirror. The girl's cheeks in the mirror were burning and her eyes were watery. She had never been so beautiful in her life, like a newly mature leprechaun, with a trace of green blankness. She slowly pulled open the neckline, the right collarbone red, very gorgeous red, like Rouge inadvertently wiped a piece. Xiaoman could not bear to watch any longer, blew out the candle, jumped back to bed, covered his head with the quilt, counted 999 sheep three times, and then fell asleep in a daze. Her mother would forgive her, if she knew how much she liked this man, and how she did not know how to like him. Let's talk about the future things later. Let her have some happiness first. By the time Xiaoman's broken leg was completely healed, summer had come. The summer in the north is very short, a blink of an eye full of green, and then a blink of an eye will be full of autumn leaves. Xiaoman sat under the corridor full of rattan flowers, eating mung bean soup spoonful by spoonful, which was specially bought from the south by Mr. Xue. She has been raised very well recently, and she has gained some weight. She looks more like a real girl than the poor and thin little girl before. Hello Someone in the back called her, and as soon as she looked back, she saw Ze Xiu's smiling face. She waved: "Come here, come here, there is mung bean soup, do you want to eat?" Ze Xiu came over and sat beside her, took the soup basin and drank it all in one mouthful. Xiaoman was stunned: "I.." I only had a few bites. Ze Xiu returned the empty soup basin to her and said sincerely, "It tastes very good, thank you." Xiaoman lifted his foot to kick him. Ze Xiu grabbed her ankle and said with a smile, "It seems that your bones are all right.". Should we also leave here and continue to look for the corner of the five directions? Xiaoman was stunned and gave a hum. Continue to look for the corner of the five directions, and when all of them are found? Did he just think the job was done and leave her? Live separately from now on? Ze Xiu flicked on her forehead: "What are you in a daze for?"? I'm talking to you. Xiaoman nodded and said, "Well, we can start tomorrow. I have no problem at all.". Where are you going this time? The north has been found. Is it going to the east or the south? Or go to the place of Yin Shui to find the treasure? Ze Xiu looked at her for a moment, then suddenly pinched her chin and said, "Have you ever been to Mobei?" The bull's head did not answer the horse's mouth, and Xiaoman shook his head in a daze. There is a large grassland, the sky is very high, no matter how you ride a horse to run, can not run to the end. If you like it, I'll take you to play next time. Wait until the corners of the five directions are found. Xiaoman suddenly laughed, hooked his arm,deep draw stamping, tilted his head and said, "Eh?"? Did I hear you right? Is someone talking about the future? Ze Xiu blushed slightly and grinned. "Yes, how are you going?" 。 autoparts-dx.com